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This January 8, 2023, the XVI Anniversary of the community.

This Sunday, January 8, 2023, the XVI Anniversary of the community was taking place, where we will share a day as a family with the general public. On this occasion we will have, like every year, Embera gastronomy, traditional dances, and Ancestral Games as part of the gathering, there will also be body painting (jagua), sale of crafts, and strong chicha (Chinango). Importantly for the participants who will be in both the male and female competitions there will be prizes.

We invite you to share with the families of Embera Quera the celebration of its XVI Anniversary of founding. For more information and to reserve your space, you must write to this contact:

Militza Flaco

(507) 6001-0382


Young French people visit the community with an environmental program.

Luego de varios años sin recibir visitantes, inicia el programa de jóvenes estudiantes franceses…

Embera Quera will be present at the International Tourism Expo

Del 25 al 26 de marzo de 2022, se estará realizando EXPO TURISMO INTERNACIONAL…