Zoo hatchery

Zoo hatchery

What is this project about?

Human activities in the environment have destroyed wild species typical of this type of forest, and have altered the corresponding biological balance. Complementary to the sustainable agriculture project, the need to create a Zoo hatchery for the recovery of regional fauna arises.

The farm would have painted rabbit, chestnut, wild pig, ñeque, armadillo, monkey, deer and other species already strange to the area. A green iguana farm will also be added.

The village has adequate space for the installation of the Zoo hatchery and the Green Iguana Farm, so the costs are related to the meshes and basic facilities, and the purchase of the animals. This project is estimated at just about B/.12,000.00 – twelve thousand Balboas and the village will hire a biologist for its care, and will pay for the services of the veterinarian, when required.

The sponsoring company will put its plaque on the project and participate in the Opening Ceremony to receive its Certificate of Recognition. You can use this donation in your advertising or public relations.

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