Renewable energy

Renewable energy


What is this project about?

With the threat of climate change caused by anthropogenic global warming, we wish to contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and soil pollution by eliminating electrical generators. At the same time, the use of an alternative form of energy, especially through solar panels, will mean significant savings for the village.

The estimated electrical demand in the village is 3,500 watts/hour, so a system based on solar panels is needed to generate this capacity. Therefore, seven panels of 500 watts, eight of 400 or 10 of 350 are required. We have an elevated and deforested area ideal for its location, and we would use underground wiring for the electrical service. The batteries that generate such capacity and the converter to change them from 24V to 110V, and other backups, will also be required.

An investment of B/15,000.00, – fifteen thousand Balboas is estimated, including materials and installation service, unless another quote is made by the company on its own. The plant would carry a company plaque and would be present at the opening ceremony for the respective recognition.


Do you want to invest in this project?

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