Quera Tours S.A.

Quera Tours S.A.

We are a tourism company with professionals from the Embera Quera community.

It is a tourism company, specialized in the ancestral culture of the Indigenous peoples of Panama, it was founded in 2007, by members of the Embera Quera community and was legalized in 2020, with the aim of promoting, promoting and rescuing the values cultural aspects of the native peoples of Panama, focused on the spiritual essence, worldview and respect for Mother Earth, showing the living richness of each indigenous group, the natural scenic beauty of their territories and the daily life of their people. Quera Tours not only offers cultural tourism, but also Historical, Nature and Adventure tourism.

It has a team of young professionals in the field of ecological tourism and business administration, bilingual indigenous guides, with the desire to continue increasing tourist visits in the country and in unexplored indigenous territories.

Teléfonos: (507) 6728-5987 / 6095-8950
E-mail: queratourspa@gmail.com