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Historical review

The residents of Embera Quera come from various Embera villages; Its main founder Mr. Atilano Flaco M., arrived from Manené, Darién, to contribute to the development of the upper Chagres region, invited by his cousin Miguel Flaco, then a resident of Embera Drua. Emeregildo Amagara and Melenio Bedoya also lived there, the first of these decisive for the creation of the new village.

Until 1999 they resided in Embera Drúa, promoting local cultural tourism development; From there they moved to Parará Purú in search of greater opportunities, which they did not find there either. With the firm conviction that they had to found a village dedicated entirely to culture with a tourism focus, they decided to look for appropriate land at the end of 2006.

Embera Quera is a cultural community with a tourism focus established since January 2007 on the shores of Gatún Lake, Limón District and Province of Colón, Republic of Panama. It is a community of the Emberá nation made up of people who arrived from Darién and other communities in the Eastern Sector of the Panama Canal Hydrographic Basin, dedicated exclusively to tourism.

The community has adopted a regulation in which they establish the purpose and conditions of residence and exit from the community, volunteer work, as well as the organization and functions of tourist and traditional-based organizations, for guidance and strict compliance by of all residents. They also have tourism regulations that determine the activities and conditions of the services to be provided by all residents.

During these 17 years made official as an indigenous community, there have been pleasant, hard work and sad moments, which have led some members to leave the community voluntarily, in the same way families have arrived who have believed in the development and strengthening of the community. Embera culture at its highest traditional level, allowing and opening the doors of their homes to visitors from different parts of the world, to live a cultural, natural and harmonious experience with Mother Earth (Papa Egoro).

The community has determined its exclusive dedication to strengthening culture and serving tourism. For social and community purposes, the traditional government has been established led by a Nokó who ensures social well-being, healthy coexistence, conservation, customs and traditions of the culture they represent, the nokó is accompanied in their functions by a board board, and has a substitute who acts during his temporary absences.

Finally, it should be noted that all residents of the community are dedicated to tourist cultural life, as a way of living and working in a healthy and honest way in search of a formal economy that pays social benefits so that the elderly can retire with a retirement opportunity.

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