Cultural Events

Cultural Events

  • Special Tour

  • 1 Día

  • Embera Quera Meeting Point 0000, Panama, Panamá

  • Panama

The music highlights the ecological background of this town. Each of the dances is based on the animal biodiversity of the forest, the wonder of the flower, among other aspects to highlight: cari par cari, with the grace and skill of the hummingbird; I loved the monkey’s prank; curiba Kari, the dexterity and agility of the ñeque, or even finds grace in the movement of the cockerel or buzzard, with angozó Kari. The fierceness and agility of the jaguar can also be highlighted, with Imamá Kari, just to name a few examples.

About the Embera Dance

The dance, although also ecological in essence, adds the fun way in which the Emberá perceives life, as well as its values, although it does not have a mystical or religious nature. The maroon, with her sudden movements, but with great skill; the flower of the guayacán, highlighting the value of one of the industrial trees of the ethnic group; the cumbia del ñeque, extremely funny and talented. In the dance, not only zoological or botanical values ​​are highlighted; Its execution also reflects its environmental culture in the musical instruments: the bass drum, with its chestnut and deer skins; the requinta, fine chestnut skin; the turtle shell (Chiviguí), with sounds of nature, the maracas, – Saün or totuma, with hard seeds from the forest, in whose execution the musician must shine, with his unique and personalized movements, in which he puts all his effort .

  • Chiru Droma (Flute)
  • Tambora Droma (Drum)
  • Requinta (small drum)
  • Chivigui (Turtle)
  • Guiro
  • Saun (Maraca)

Day 1:

9:00 am Llegada al puerto del río Gatún
9:35 am Llegada a la comunidad-Recibimiento con música Embera.
10:00 am Entrada al lugar de hospedaje-Personal de la comunidad
10:15 am Ponencia sobre la cultura Embera (Historia, relatos ect)
11:00 am Recorrido por la comunidad con un botánico Embera
12:00 md Almuerzo Embera (Tilapia con Plátano, frutas tropicales y  refrescos.
1:00 pm Danzas y Música Embera ( Compartiendo la cultural ancestral)
1:30 pm Regreso al Puerto Del Río Gatún.

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