Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture


What is this project about?

As the center of the Emberá Culture, our village has the responsibility of preserving the culture of the land, in order not to lose identity. However, those uses and customs related to traditional agriculture are already disappearing. It is therefore necessary to rescue forestry or planting under the forest, reforest with traditional fruit and agroforestry species, and conserve plants for medicinal, gastric and curative use, as well as plants for industrial use typical of our ethnic group.

This project has the following components:

Purchase of an adjacent piece of land that currently constitutes a threat of deforestation next to the entrance to our village, which has potential as an agricultural site. This land has a value of B/.20,000.00 and would be ideal for the Sustainable Agriculture project.

Agroforestry and fruit trees. Purchase and planting of cocobolo, macano, oak, yellow pine, jagua, tagua, parará and jira palm trees, as well as naguala, bijao, corozo palm and sapote, as well as soursop, guaba, mountain star apple and mangoes. All of these species are adapted to the forest, attract wildlife and will be planted in small existing clearings. A cost of B/450.00 is estimated to manage the search and purchase of seedlings.

Forestry. Under the shade, species adaptable to the shade of trees will be planted, such as cocoa, borojó and coffee. We have the raw materials in the village.

Roots and edible plants. In the disturbed areas in full sun, plantain and Chinese and patriotic bananas, as well as primitive ones, will be planted. Yam, yellow cassava, purple yampí and otoe will also be planted, as well as Chinese and Persian or Creole lemon, all to satisfy the demand of the village. This will have an estimated cost of B/.250.00 that will be managed by the village itself.

Herbalist. The herbalist will be done in the village itself. It will consist of medicinal, esoteric, cosmetic, gastric plants and spices or condiments, in small separate plots, both for tourist interpretation and for service to the village.


Do you want to invest in this project?

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