Embera Quera and Caravan, USA, build a path on the descent of the Gatún River

Embera Quera in Alliance with the Tourism Company CARAVAN, USA, made the effort to build a path in the lower part of the Gatún River, province of Colón, which would help the mobilization of the general public of the residents of the community of Gatun and other nearby communities that use this place as an exit to the main road, it will also help facilitate access without accident problems to the thousands of tourists who use this place to visit the community of Embera Quera, which has not been there for 15 years. had until now.

This effort is expected to be replicated by private companies in alliances with communities for collective and common benefit.

We thank CARAVAN, USA, for believing in communities, when there is a willingness to work for future generations and receive a collective benefit.

Biabua Panama.

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