Ampyme reaches Indigenous territories with its ‘Capital Semilla’ program

A group of 25 entrepreneurs from the Emberá Querá indigenous community received Seed Capital from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (Ampyme) that will allow them to undertake and reactivate their economic activities.

The residents of this area are basically dedicated to tourism and other related activities such as the production and sale of crafts, the sale of food, and they also practice subsistence agriculture and fishing.

With the capital contributed, the beneficiaries will reactivate their tourism, restaurant, soft drink, and chicken farming businesses. There is even an outboard motor mechanic, who cannot provide the service because he does not have the tools, and who will now be able to do so.

With the Seed Capital they will buy tools and equipment to activate all these services.

Emberá Querá is on the banks of the Gatún River, township of Limón, district of Colón in the hydrographic basin of the Panama Canal. It is reached by cayuco in a twenty-minute journey along the Gatún River.

Oscar Ramos, director of Ampyme, said that as the National Government has provided, the regions are supported to reactivate their economy and generate their own jobs.

Elvin Flaco, nocó emberá (highest authority of the community), expressed that this support from the National Government will allow indigenous people to restart their activities that have been affected by the pandemic.

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